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May's Monthly Theme:

Over the Moon

Are you looking for better ways to integrate Siemens Science Day activities into your teaching? Access the Monthly Theme page to find relevant, interactive activities. Each month's theme is archived. 

Monthly Activities
  • This Is How I See It
    Difficulty: 3 NGSS

    In this activity, students will construct interactive lunar cycle models to illustrate the phases of the Moon in 3 dimensions. They will demonstrate how the orientation of the Sun, Moon and Earth at certain points in the lunar cycle causes the phases as observed from Earth.

  • The Dynamic Trio
    Difficulty: 2 NGSS

    In this activity, students will learn about the stars, planets, and Moon found in our solar system and how they relate to one another. Students will work in groups to create models of the Solar System.

  • Solar System Scale
    Difficulty: 3 National Education Standards

    Students will gain an understanding of the comparative size of the objects in our Solar System and the great distances between them.

  • Create a Crater
    Difficulty: 2 National Education Standards

    In this activity, students drop small spheres of different sizes and weights from different heights into flour. The students then describe the craters that form, measure the diameter of the craters, and draw conclusions about how different variables affect the characteristics of the craters.

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Level of Difficulty Scale Each hands-on science activity has been ranked based on difficulty of set up and how difficult they are to perform. The rating scale is from 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most complicated.