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Engage and Amaze Your K-6 Students!

The Siemens Science Day website offers a variety of tools and resources that will help you reinvent science class. You'll find new, original hands-on activities and supporting videos, a teacher support center with best practice guides, monthly themes and an Ultimate Cool School sweepstakes.

Hands-On Science Activities and Videos

Clean up oil spills. Make slime. Create sand dunes. Leap into learning like never before.

Here you will find a wealth of Earth Science-related activities that will bolster your students' understanding of the atmosphere, oceans and biosphere, as well as the solid earth. Students will form sand dunes, simulate rock erosion, and create weather stations. View Earth Science Activities
New Activites
  • Swarm
    Difficulty: 2
    National Education Standards

    In this activity, students work in groups to model swarming behaviors and analyze the behaviors to develop an understanding of how they increase the chances of survival of a species.

  • Wacky Water
    Difficulty: 1
    National Education Standards

    In this activity, students will explore similarities and differences among liquids and build foundational ideas of matter and molecular structure. Students will investigate different properties of liquids to help them explain how raindrops run down a window, observe how insects can walk on water, and understand that liquid fits into the container in which it is held.

  • Sun, Moon, and Stars
    Difficulty: 1
    National Education Standards

    In this activity, students will learn their place in the solar system among the sun, moon and other planets. They will discuss how the movement of the Earth and moon cause daylight and moonlight.

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